Mikroscan Unveils the New L5, Next Generation Robotic Microscope

Mikroscan Unveils the New L5

Plug and play remote control microscopy is now available

March 03, 2017 (Carlsbad, CA) – Mikroscan Technologies, innovators and manufacturers of live robotic microscopy and whole slide imaging systems, announces the release of the L5. As the practice of pathology continues to grow, the L5 represents an easy to install and easy to use solution to enable remote controlled microscopy from anywhere, in record time. Along with the flagship product the SL5, the L5 continues Mikroscan’s development of desktop telemicroscopy solutions. Its live only functionality enables telemicroscopy easily and efficiently with a small footprint.

As with previous Mikroscan systems, users interact with the actual glass slide from a distance and provide on-demand microscopy whenever and wherever it is needed. The inclusion of five objectives ranging in magnification from 2X to 40X with a 60X option, permits users to look at specimens with objective magnification showing specimens as they truly are.

Complete remote control of X, Y, Z axes plus objective magnification selection and contrast adjustments is included to further enhance the solution’s live capabilities. Autobrowse, Mikroscan’s unique tool for optimizing workflow, is included in the L5 system as well as the ‘Snap-Shot’ tool to view, capture and store images for further image analysis or reports. The ‘Z-Snap’ tool is also available to collect and store real time through focus regions of interest, such as those found in cytopathology. The latest heat map feature helps to show you where you have viewed within a specimen and at each magnification used.

The L5 is the easiest and most compact imaging device in its class, fits easily on a desktop and requires minimal IT interface and user training. It is the cost-effective choice for pathologists who require a live telemicroscopy solution.

Martin Stuart Ph.D., Mikroscan’s President & CEO commented, “The L5 addresses an increasing global need for remote real-time microscopic review and is the perfect complement to existing high throughput digital pathology solutions but without the high cost of implementation and maintenance. The L5 focuses on flexibility, ease of use and the ability to rapidly deploy a desktop solution within existing workflow environments for a wide range of applications.”

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Martin Stuart Ph.D.
President & CEO