Mikroscan and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Research agreement creates academic collaboration to develop deep learning tools for rapid onsite evaluation of adequacy (ROSEA).

November 29, 2016 Mikroscan Technologies, maker of affordable desktop real-time telemicroscopy solutions, announces a research agreement with Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine to develop automated cytology analysis tools for ROSEA. The research will be led by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine’s Assistant Professor of Pathology, Matthew T. Olson, MD. The agreement leverages Mikroscan’s SL5 telemicroscopy ability to view pathology images in real time, through the use of a live, robotic microscope, as well as Professor Olson’s extensive knowledge of cytology-based image algorithm development. The goal of the project is to reduce the incidence of repeat procedures that are burdensome to patients and expensive for hospitals.

“Rapid onsite evaluation of adequacy presents many challenges for pathologists”, said Mikroscan’s President, Martin Stuart, PhD. “Pathologists are often required to travel to remote locations for an assessment of adequacy that takes just a few seconds to complete. Combining the SL5’s telemicroscopy and live robotic microscope capability with cytology-based image analysis can assist in more efficient use of a pathologist’s time and create more productive and cost-effective practices.”

“Dr. Olson’s current work focuses on the complementarity of emerging technologies with challenges in the diagnostic process of cytologic specimens and small biopsies. Defining these challenges in the diagnostic process have recently led him to lead investigations into inter-observer reproducibility, the outcome of paucicellular cytologic specimens, and nomenclature standardization in the new Paris System for reporting urinary cytology.”

About Mikroscan Technologies, Inc.

Mikroscan provides affordable desktop telemicroscopy and digital pathology* solutions designed to promote the practice of pathology from a distance. Our mission is to distribute pathology expertise on demand, regardless of location, and in the process reduce healthcare costs and improve patient care. For more information about Mikroscan, please visit www.mikroscan.com.

*”For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.”



Martin Stuart
President and CEO